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2023 OmniShopper Awards Winner

In-Store Marketing

PopSockets 4-Way Fixture for Walmart


2023 Shop! OMA Awards
• Gold, Personal Electronics and Software – Temporary

Unique Concept
The main objective focused on a customized phone grip display that would hold a variety of product choices and fit on a Walmart 4-Way fixture. To drive awareness and ROI, the display had to leverage key brand attributes, appeal to shoppers, and maximize in-store effectiveness. The brand wanted simplicity to attract, engage, and convert shoppers.

Continual Collaboration
Collaboration led to the design of the display to arrive fully assembled, easy to lift, and placed on the bottom shelf of a 4-Way Walmart fixture. Once positioned, the display was about 42″ tall and easily visible to shoppers. To differentiate and increase attraction, the team added a dimensional element to the display. The dimensional border around the product suggested the shape of a cell phone. This would draw attention to the graphics and product while promoting the brand. An angled base provided visibility to the branding when approached by shoppers.

Engaging Design
The team leveraged the brand’s primary color, black, on key locations of the display to meet the objectives and drive engagement. The base created contrast and eye fixation on the brand logo. The black inner product cell provided contrast and fixation on the product planogram. The use of black on the vertical instruction panel highlighted instruction and pricing. The side panel brand logo provided strong visibility to the brand.

Through customer collaboration, leveraging insights, and strong design activation, the display helped the client drive and validate a new POP Display concept at retail. The display maximized ROI and increased product sell-through. As a result, the customer has ordered multiple refreshes of the program since the initial program launch.

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Creative Magazine Top 50 P.O.P. Companies

Remington iLight IPL3500VDN

for Costco Canada

2021 AICC/TAPPI Box Manufacturing Olympics
• Best of the Industry Corrugated Structure
• Gold Award, Innovative Structural Design Consumer Focus
• Gold Award, Best Application of Spot or Full Label

Innovative Design
The unique All-in-One secondary package design had an integrated insert to hold the product package in place and allow for the Medical Certification Serial Number to be seen through a cutout on the bottom of the package.

Sustainable Execution
The design allowed for easy setup and assembly along with easy locking of the product package inside. It also reduced the carbon footprint in transportation of the goods to the fulfillment location and the amount of time spent building and packing.

Exceptional Customer Experience
The reduced fillers and inserts also made it quick and easy for the customer to access and remove the product.

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Garland Foods Half Pallet

for Winn-Dixie

2021 Shop! OMA Awards
• Gold, Food – Temporary Display

Robust Design
The temporary design was industrially sturdy and was able to withstand the retail produce environment that would be moisture rich with probable wet product and to withstand being restocked multiple times. The display was versatile, easily positioned and did not require any special or unique tools for assembly.

Visually Appealing
Most of all, the display must be visually appealing, encourage shopping, be easy to shop, and depict a natural and healthy “farm-fresh food” feeling for shoppers.

Strong Performance
The display performed well to position additional fresh produce within the department. The shelf liners performed as planned and display integrity and durability requirements were met. Restocking of produce was successful for associates to do. The customer experienced full sell thru on expected product lift throughout season.

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Flock Party Endcap Display

for Tractor Supply

2021 AICC/TAPPI Box Manufacturing Olympics
• Silver Award, Digital Printing – Containers and Displays – Ink Jet/Digital

2021 Shop! OMA Awards
• Bronze Award, Mass Merchandise – Permanent Display

Engaging Durability
The chicken coop design structure was used to engage shoppers quickly. The design was a freestanding endcap able to withstand 10-12 months on the floor and five rotations of differentiated product assortments.

Easy Assembly
The displays were kitted flat into easy-to manage shippers. Assembling on-site allowed for easy setup. Graphic branding and imagery enabled the display to attract, engage and convert shoppers.

Exceptional Performance

The display integrity and durability requirements were met. Manna Pro achieved 150% of expected forecast for the first 17 weeks of the program.

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Sustainability Awards

2010 Greener Package Awards

Vanguard Packaging topped Summit Publishing’s second annual Greener Package Awards for packaging sustainability, earning both the Beyond the Package Award and Innovator of the Year.

The operation and facility feature a variety of green initiatives, which have resulted in big sustainability gains and cost savings for Vanguard.

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2010 Innovator of the Year Award

While many have boasted over the past several years that sustainability is a part of their company’s DNA, this year’s Beyond the Package Award winner and Innovator of the Year Award winner, Vanguard, can credibly claim sustainability as part of its physical make up.

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“Our Flock Party free-standing display performed well above expectations delivering 150% of expected forecast in the first 17 weeks of the program and boosting our brand presence within a competitive environment.”

Amanda Terbrock, Senior Brand Manager, Manna Pro, LLC

Manna Pro, LLC

Manna Pro, LLC

“We’ve been extremely pleased with Vanguard’s creativity and proactive approach – they’ve helped us stay ahead of display design trends in order to ensure our products really stand out at retail.”

Eric Kenney, Vice President, Global Marketing & Innovation, Spectrum Brands – Global Pet Care

Spectrum Brands – Global Pet Care

ComSpectrum Brands – Global Pet Care