Case Studies

The Honey Pot Company Black History Month Endcap for Walmart

The Honey Pot Company was born out of one woman’s need to naturally heal herself. And evolved into a mission to clean up the feminine care aisle. As a female, Black-owned business, Walmart approached them to enjoy prime merchandising space in March as the mass merchant drew attention to women-owned brands to mark Women’s History Month. The endcap would help position The Honey Pot as the “first complete feminine care system, powered by herbs.”

PopSockets 4-Way Fixture for Walmart

The PopSockets tasked our team with developing a new POP display concept at retail. The main objective focused on a customized phone grip display that would hold a variety of product choices and fit on a Walmart 4-Way fixture. To drive awareness and ROI, the display had to leverage key  brand attributes, appeal to shoppers, and maximize in-store effectiveness. The brand wanted simplicity to attract, engage, and convert shoppers.

PetArmor Plus 3-1 Endcap for Walmart
The display program was developed to drive awareness and ROI. The endcap leveraged the key brand attributes, appealed to shoppers, and maximized in-store effectiveness. The endcap held five SKUs of product, was easily shoppable, and sturdy enough for restocking, all while following the Walmart guidelines.

Prevagen Powerwing

Prevagen tasked the team to develop a sidekick that could hold 12 to 24 units of products. The design had to have clean lines and eye-catching, appealing graphics. The display had to attract shoppers from a distance and informed them of the product’s purpose (Improves Memory) on the sides,  along with the Pharmacy Times seal of approval.

SheaMoisture Black History Month Half Pallet Display

The team was tasked with creating a visually appealing, eye-catching multi-brand display that captured the exotic energy of the SheaMoisture brand and accompanying brands. The display would promote various SheaMoisture products, along with the Beauty Through Unity beauty box. The display had to convey the message of high-quality, high-performance beauty and skincare products for women of color, the unity of sisterhood, and the importance of Black History month.

Kimberly Clark and Disney Present Huggies Diapers

Our Bentonville office worked on this unique, large “eye-catching” corrugated display for Walmart. The Kimberly Clark display holds Huggies Diapers and Pull-ups and is the centerpiece of an optional 3-pallet train concept to promote other baby items sold in Walmart. The final version contained various Disney character lug-ons and a QR code. Once the QR code is scanned with a cell phone, the user will be directed to an interactive game of hide-n-seek where the various Disney characters are hiding in the clouds. Once all of the characters are found, the app will instantly show the user various coupons via the Ibotta App for discounts on several Huggies items.

Medicine on a Mission Endcap Display for Walmart

Betr Remedies partnered with Vanguard Companies for their first in-store product launch at Walmart. The goal was to create brand awareness and sell the products to a new audience. The brand team wanted to emphasis their “Medicine on a Mission” message and their “Buy One Give One” donation program on the display. The display had to clearly communicate the features and benefits of the merchandised product assortment.

The Crayon Case Endcap

The customer tasked the team with creating a visually appealing, eye-catching display that captured the youthful energy of The Crayon Case brand. The display would promote multiple SKUs of product and educate the shoppers about the products.  The target audience of the products are young people and people with limited incomes. Unlike other makeup brands that provide limited hues and inhibiting ideas of what customers should like, The Crayon Case gives customers everything in so they can experiment with a more youthful palette.

Justice Half Pallet

The customer tasked the team with creating a visually appealing, eye-catching display that captured the youthful energy of Justice brand. The display would promote twelve product categories of various tech accessories. Since the products were enclosed in their secondary packaging, shoppers could not easily see and engage with the actual products. The display had to attract shoppers from a distance and then quickly informed them about the products available. Justice is an online clothing and lifestyle retailer targeting the tween girl market.

Luna Magic Endcap

Luna Magic tasked our team with designing, producing, and fulfilling an easy to shop, dynamic display that was reflective of their brand and values. Overall, the display had to communicate a prestige beauty offer for Walmart – premier makeup quality for a great value. The customer also wanted to convey sense of luxury in display packaging.

Nimble Endcap

The team at Nimble tasked our team to make individual shelf displays and pre-pack them with product so store employees can open them and place right on the shelf. The displays would hold three different sized boxes in the product assortment and could be used as an endcap display or as a stand-alone display.

PopSockets Grips and Gifting Envelopes PDQ

The customer wanted sleeve gifting envelopes and an easy to shop display unit for the Specialty Channel. The display needed to conveyed the message, make giving a PopSockets easy and memorable. The display unit had to hold eight styles of sleeve pockets. Twenty-four gift envelopes (three of each style) would be included in the display as a Freebie.

Fellowes Waterproof  Endcap Display for Walmart

Fellowes Brands needed an engaging, easy-to-shop display for their Body Glove waterproof phone case product. The display needed to fit into a 36” – 48” endcap space within the electronics department at Walmart. The goal of the display was to introduce and offer shoppers stylish protection for their cell phones in the coming summer months. The display had to clearly communicate the features and benefits of the fully waterproof phone case, protection and fit.

Belkin Fast Charge Endcap for Walmart

Belkin wanted an engaging display for their wide assortment of Fast Charge products. The display needed to be visually appealing, easy to shop, and withstand the demands of a busy electronics department. The goal of the display was to introduce and offer shoppers a wide assortment of fast-charging products in a trendy and easily shoppable display. The display had to clearly communicate the features and benefits.

Flock Party Endcap Display For Tractor Supply

Manna Pro, creator of Flock Party, had a vision to design an eye-catching, semi-permanent endcap that would build brand awareness, support new product launches, and drive consumers in-line to explore every-day products. Manna Pro’s overall goal was to grow annual sales through incremental shelf placement at Tractor Supply retail locations.

Remington iLIGHT Packaging for Costco Canada

Remington needed a cost-effective packaging solution to fulfill Costco’s request for a larger package size on their iLIGHT product to be placed in-store. Due to the small size of the product and a medical certification serial number requirement to be visible, it was cost effective to place original product package into a larger package.

Garland Foods Half Pallet for Winn-Dixie

The primary objective of the project was to develop a unique floor display that was temporary in design, yet industrially sturdy. The display had to able to withstand the retail produce environment that would be moisture rich with probable wet product and to withstand being restocked multiple times. The display also had to be visually appealing, encourage shopping, be easy to shop, and depict a natural and healthy “farm-fresh food” feeling for shoppers.

2021 Hexi Tower Display 

The Pet Retail industry is a very competitive space. Brands need every competitive edge in order to make their products stand out in the store. All the while, most retailers are limited on space. The Yummy Combs brand wanted a disruptive display that would draw attention to Yummy Combs dog treats while still keeping within a small footprint. The brand also wanted to be able to utilize the display in almost any environment.

Vanguard Companies Zig-Zag Floor Display (Patent Pending)

The Zig-Zag Floor Display was originally designed as a one-sided “Weekender” style floor display to test out a new shelf idea that is currently patent-pending. Our creative design team wanted to pursue further and see if a two-sided version could be engineered. Based on a self-dividing RSC, the two-sided Zig-Zag Floor Display was developed. The design has three shelves on one side and two shelves on the other side when the header is not used. The top of the display can also be used as a shelf when the header is installed.

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