Vanguard Companies provides contract packaging services through our affiliate, Advanced Logistics & Fulfillment (ALF), to complete any packaging or product programs you may have.

Our 330,000 sq. ft. secured contract packaging operation is in a climate controlled, underground facility with sufficient and flexible space.

From kitting, bundling, curating, and sealing products to shipping them to your distribution centers or a retail location. Vanguard Companies is focused on quality, reducing your program costs, improve efficiencies, and get to market faster.

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Do You Have

  • Limited Warehouse Space
  • Seasonal Spike in Orders
  • Program Overflows
  • Smaller or Specialty Program Requests
  • Additional Retailers Added to a Program
  • New Consumer Behaviors & Demands
  • Supply Chain Challenges

Do You Need

  • Fulfillment & Logistics Competency
  • Speed, Agility & Flexibility to Meet Demands
  • Quality Assurance & Consistency
  • Reduced Waste and Product Costs
  • Reduced Labor and Warehousing Costs
  • To Remain Competitive in Marketplace
  • To Achieve Lowest Landed Cost

Having the right partner allows you to focus on your core business

Product Development, Marketing and Corporate Goals.

ALF can help you with all your

special packs & promo packaging needs.


√ Primary or Secondary Packaging

√ Club Packs, Gift Sets, BOGO’s

√ E-Commerce / DTC

√ Subscription Box Printing, Fulfillment and Shipping

√ Packaging Re-Work

√ Relabeling and Promotional Stickering

√ Pick & Pack Solutions

√ Shrink Banding, Wrapping & Sleeving

√ Customized Quality Inspections