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Point-of-Purchase Display Effectiveness: What are the benefits of POP Displays?

Blog / April 25, 2022
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With the rise of ecommerce shopping, changing shopping habits, and emerging brands, retailers and brands are constantly challenged to stay on top. Effective point-of-purchase (POP) displays not only allows you to showcase spotlight items, but also encourage impulse purchases. Well-designed and properly placed POP Displays provide many benefits for retailers and brands when used consistently and effectively. Here are just a few:

Attract the Shopper’s Eye
Shoppers navigate stores differently but typically skim down the aisle looking for one thing in particular. Packaging alone, no matter how catchy or visually appealing, is often too small to make an impact. Using POP Displays or POS Signage to accompany your product increases the chance that a shopper will notice it.

Market Your Brand & Product
You have a great brand, product, and message. POP Displays makes your brand easier to spot and they allow you more space to better educate buyers on the unique value that your product offers. POP Displays is a vehicle to market your brand, product, and message effectively.

Program Modularity
POP Displays provide a lot more modularity to your program and parts can be used across multiple programs. They also provide the flexibility as to where to place your product, depending on retailer.

Helps Compliance
A common struggle for brands is ensuring their products are merchandised effectively at retail. By providing a display along with your product, you can dictate exactly how you want your brand advertised within the store.

Provides Additional Advertising
Not only are POP Displays attention-grabbing, but they provide additional product information and advertise your brand. It’s a cost effective way to advertise versus other medias. You can leverage the same campaign and messages, but simply tailor them to fit a corrugated display.

Strategically Locate Your Products
POP Displays allows for better in-store visibility. They enable brands to place products where they will get noticed the most. This is also a great way to offer your brand next to any complementary products it may be commonly used with. They are easy to move or switch out to target seasonal supplies and products, making the ROI on your displays that much better.

Stand Out from Competitors
Displays can provide an advantage in a highly competitive category or retail space.

Target Impulse Buyers
It’s much easier to entice customers to buy your product if they are already in a store with the purpose of buying something. In-store purchases are often unplanned, meaning that effective point-of-purchase marketing can have a profound effect on your sales. POP Displays excel at targeting impulse buyers.

Vanguard Companies is focused on helping companies better connect to consumers and shoppers by integrating the art and science of decision-making into our creative process. Our in-house creative services provide the innovation and design expertise to attract, engage and convert shoppers through effective POP Displays, Signage and Packaging in-store.

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