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Custom Box Inserts: How They Benefit Your Packaging

Blog / April 27, 2022
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Your brand needs more than a brown corrugated box that is randomly filled with different fillers. Instead, your need to create an unboxing experience by using packaging extras like custom box inserts.

Custom box inserts are packaging extras that can transform your packaging from drab to fab. These inserts go inside your packaging and are customized to fit your existing boxes and your specific products.

Custom box inserts come in a variety of different materials depending on your goals and needs. Corrugated inserts offer versatile printing capabilities, are cost-effective, and are eco-friendly. These inserts offer a whole host of benefits to your business and are definitely worth the investment.

Here are eight different ways that custom box inserts can benefit your packaging and overall business:

1. Protect Your Products
First and foremost, custom box inserts can help protect your products. They can be used when a basic box doesn’t offer enough protection. For example, fragile items that would easily break by rattling around in a box would definitely benefit from custom box inserts.

The inserts effectively cradle your products and keep them in place during transit. Instead of using other extra materials that are more wasteful and one-dimensional, you should definitely consider custom box inserts as an eco-friendly and multi-purpose protective packaging solution.

2. Enhance the Unboxing Experience
Furthermore, custom box inserts can help enhance the unboxing experience. These days, consumers are looking for more than just a boring brown box. Instead, they are looking for a fun and exciting experience to record and share online.

Just a few years ago, creating an unboxing experience for your customers was a way to set you apart from the competition. However, in the last couple of years and definitely in 2022, giving your customers an unforgettable unboxing experience is a must-have.

3. Boost Brand Loyalty
Brands are always looking for ways to retain their existing customers; after all, keeping an existing customer is always cheaper than obtaining a new one. Well, look no further than custom box inserts.

Packaging features like custom box inserts can actually activate the brain’s reward-seeking areas associated with impulse purchasing. Human beings are always searching for ways to “feel good.” If your products make them feel good, they’ll be more likely to make a repeat purchase in order to feel that way again.

4. Provide Product Education
Custom box inserts are not just for looks; you can also use them to provide real information to your customers. For example, you can provide product instructions on the inserts, so customers can easily access the information they need to enjoy your product.

You can also include information about the product itself, including ingredients, warnings, etc. Furthermore, you can go beyond the product to communicate information about your brand, including your brand values and contact information.

5. Offer Discounts
You can use custom box inserts to thank your customers for their purchases. Add to the excitement of box inserts by including discounts to your valued customers.

For example, you could cross-reference other products you’d think they’d like based on their most recent purchase. You could also offer a 10% off coupon for their next purchase to further incentivize them.

6. Grow Your Online Following
Social media is everything these days. One of the best ways to leverage your current customers into new online followers is to include information about your social media accounts on your custom box inserts.

Print the platform logo next to your handle to gain new followers. You could even advertise social media contests directly on your packaging inserts to motivate people to follow you for an added incentive. For instance, you could hold a giveaway when you reach 10,000 followers on Instagram.

7. Ask for Feedback
Another smart way to use custom box inserts to benefit your business is to use them to ask for customer feedback. Customer feedback is worth its weight in gold, and you need to do whatever you can to get it.

There’s no better way than custom box inserts. All you need to do is print the link to a customer survey or to a prominent review website. Additionally, you can always incentivize reviews by offering a small discount coupon that you can also do directly on the box insert.

8. Cost-Effective
Finally, based on these countless benefits, it’s clear that custom box inserts have a lot to offer. But are they worth the cost? Most certainly. In most cases, custom box inserts are extremely cost-effective since they are made using low-cost materials like corrugate.




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